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ECAD Requirements
The City of Austin's Energy Conservation Audit & Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance, as described in the Austin City Code Chapter 6-7, requires that before the sale of their home, most residential property owners must disclose an energy audit if all of the following conditions apply to the property:
  • Within the Austin Energy service area
  • Within the Austin City limits
  • 10 years or older
Learn more about ECAD requirements for residential Austin Energy customers

Certain properties or types of transactions may be exempt from ECAD. Learn more about ECAD exemptions to see if you qualify
Property Search Instructions
  1. Enter either a Property Street Address OR County Tax Appraisal Property ID and select "Search" to find an ECAD residential property. To identify the property ID or a legal property address please visit the appropriate County Tax Appraisal District: Travis CAD, Williamson CAD, or Hays CAD. Not able locate a property? Try the ECAD web map to find the property.

Property ID:
Not able to find property within Travis, Williamson or Hays county record. Please contact Austin Energy at or call 512-482-5346.

  1. Enter the Requestor Name, Requestor Email and Requestor Phone, then click "Submit" for ECAD Residential Compliance Status

Questions? Contact Austin Energy at or call 512-482-5346.

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